Sam Dolbear

Recent/current projects:
Project on a diagram of friendship and generation constructed by Walter Benjamin in 1932; Translation and editorial project on Gas gegen Gas by Dora Sophie Kellner with Flossie Draper; Visiting all the gay bars in Berlin with Rosen Eveleigh; Converting The Arcades Project into a vast audiobook; Book on the hand reader and sexologist Charlotte Wolff (forthcoming with MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE), with an occasional newsletter here; Archive of the Lighthouse, an hospice for people with HIV/AIDS, opened in London in 1986; Book on the composer and radio producer Ernst Schoen, out with MIT/Goldsmiths in September 2023, co-written with Esther Leslie; Project at AGIT on sexual and political histories of the hand in the GDR; Paper on Doris von Schönthan’s photographic practice and modelling work for World Picture conference; Article on hands as letters in the work of Martin Wong for MacGuffin magazine.

Past projects (selection):
Piece on making borscht every year for Vittels; Conference at ICI Berlin on Gas gegen Gas entitled ‘Heavier than air’; Read Proust for a year, with notes here; Producer of the audio work Abolition A-Z; Review of Philipp Ekardt’s Benjamin on Fashion (2020) for Radical Philosophy; Audio work and archive on Asja Lācis; Conversation on hands and touch for Another Gaze; Text on arcades and aquariums via Berlin’s now exploded AquaDom; Sketch of a t-shirt with Rosen Eveleigh; Talk and post on Alice Weylorz, imaginary friendship and mistaken identity; Record of dreams dreamt after eating cheese; Three pamphlets on Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project, edited with Hannah Proctor; Radio show on The Storyteller with Resonance FM, with Esther Leslie and Sebastian Truskolaski; Writings on dance, including on Steve Paxton and Alex Baczyński-Jenkins; Production of Tanz 23/24, detailed here.

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